Welcome to Nanoradian Instruments.

I’m a Physics PhD with extensive experience building and operating precision torsion balances, force sensors, and autocollimators.

In addition to my continuing academic work, I’m interested in building precision sensors commercially.

I’ve built and operated thermally-limited torsion balances with sensitivities better than 10 fN-m/rtHz. I’ve been a principal part of teams that  assembled autocollimators with dynamic ranges of 10,000,000 and sensitivities below 1 nrad/rtHz. As an addendum to my thesis work, I also developed and implemented a fiber Fizeau interferometer, as is often used in atomic force microscopy, for a metrology application. Each of these instruments were designed for millihertz stability and are presently in use.

These sensors have application in a range of fields that includes metrology, gravity gradiometry, magnetometry, inertial navigation, and more.

If you have an angle, force, or torque sensing application that requires this expertise, please contact me via charlie # nanoradian.com .  My experience is in custom and one-off work, but the fundamentals of experimental design have application at all scales.